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Pro — Premium MR/VR Headset — Featuring Ergonomic Design and Advanced Features

Pro — Premium MR/VR Headset — Featuring Ergonomic Design and Advanced Features

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Meta Quest Pro is a virtual and mixed reality system that unlocks new perspectives into how we work, create, and collaborate, so you can go beyond what was previously possible. The ergonomic, slim headset design is well balanced for ultimate comfort while you connect, work or play. Mixed reality passthrough uses full-color sensors to let you see and engage with the physical world around you—even as you engage in virtual spaces. Multiple room-sized displays let you skip between tasks to get more done, more easily. Connect better with friends or collaborate with peers like never before with real-time avatar expressions that mirror your authentic facial reactions. Intuitive controllers use self-tracking cameras to capture a broad range of motion and fine motor controls to translate detailed finger operations like writing and drawing into VR. Advanced multi-point haptic feedback makes virtual interactions feel real.

  • Meta Quest Pro unlocks new perspectives in work, creativity, and collaboration.
  • World-class counter balanced ergonomics and our sleekest design let you wear the headset for longer in ultimate comfort.
  • Multitask with ease with multiple resizable screens so you can organize tasks, work on new ideas or message with your friends.
  • Mixed reality passthrough uses full-color sensors that let you see and engage with the physical world around you, even as you connect, work and play in virtual spaces.
  • Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers translate instinctive hand gestures and detailed finger actions directly into VR with self-tracking cameras and precision controls. Multi-point, advanced haptics make virtual interactions feel real.
  • Share your true emotions and reactions with real-time natural avatar expressions. Eye and face tracking sensors translate your natural facial expressions into VR so you can bring your true personality to meetings and gatherings with friends.
  • See VR through a whole new lens. Pancake lenses, pixel density, local dimming and quantum dot technology combine to deliver striking visual clarity playing games, connecting with friends, reading or multitasking.
  • Enjoy premium VR and MR experiences with hardware that includes 256GB storage, 12GB RAM, 10 advanced VR/MR sensors, spatial audio and more.
  • Meta Quest is for ages 13+.
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