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PureAir SmokeVault

PureAir SmokeVault

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Introducing the Air Purifier Ashtray: A Fresh Solution for Clean Air

Eliminate the haze of smoke and banish unwanted odors from your surroundings with the Air Purifier Ashtray. More than just a traditional ashtray, this innovative device offers a compact yet powerful solution for purifying the air.

Experience Freshness, Bid Farewell to Smoke

Say goodbye to the lingering cloud of smoke that often fills indoor spaces. The Air Purifier Ashtray acts as a robust vacuum, swiftly capturing smoke particles and leaving behind nothing but crisp, clean air. Whether you're a smoker or not, revel in the joy of a smoke-free environment.

Convenient Power, Effortless Operation

Enjoy the convenience of cord-free operation with our product. Powered by two AA batteries (not included), the Air Purifier Ashtray delivers up to 40 cycles of rejuvenating power. Each battery provides over 5 minutes of uninterrupted freshness, allowing you to relax without any hassle.

Enhanced Well-being through Advanced Filtration

Harnessing the benefits of negative ion purification, the Air Purifier Ashtray features a built-in filter that effectively absorbs odors and dust particles. In addition to eliminating unwanted smells, it releases healthy negative ions into the air, promoting a revitalized and energized ambiance wherever you go. Say hello to cleaner air and enhanced well-being with the Air Purifier Ashtray.

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